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The north central Illinois EFE region administrative organization is the Career Education Associates of North Central Illinois, known as CEANCI, organized in 1987.  The state of Illinois is divided into Education for Employment (EFE) regions which direct the state’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs at a local level. The CEANCI region covers 1,075 square miles, and provides support to over 17,000 students 9-12 graders and more than 200 certified high school staff.  CEANCI administrative offices are housed in Rock Valley College’s Stenstrom Center in Rockford.

CEANCI is governed by a Board of Governors comprised of superintendents from each member district.  At present, ten local public school districts are members of this cooperative joint agreement.  Member districts include:  Belvidere CUSD 100, Harlem UD 122, North Boone CUSD 200, Rockford SD 205, Hononegah CHD 207, Oregon CUSD 220, Meridian CUSD 223, Byron CUSD 226, County of Winnebago SD 320, and Winnebago CUSD 323.

The System provides regional career and technical programming among its members, supports career and technical programming at member high schools, collects and reports data to the Illinois State Board of Education, acts as the flow-through of federal and state resources, and markets career and technology education throughout the region.  Career and technical programming in the region is provided in the occupational clusters of agriculture, business and information technology, family and consumer sciences, health occupations and industrial/technical occupations.

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CareerTEC (Career and Technical Education Consortium) is a consortium of 6 high school districts in Northwest Illinois, Dakota, Durand, Freeport (including Aquin), Orangeville, Pearl City, and Pecatonica. The purpose of the consortium is to coordinate and delivery Career and Technical Education programs preparing students for careers and college after high school providing dual credit and industry recognized certificates. Programs are designed to meet the workforce needs and start to fill the talent pipeline in high growth and demands fields. To accomplish this purpose, a team of business and community members, parents and educators continually assess and define a plan that guides current initiatives and efforts.
CareerTEC programs provide real world content in the classroom and through hands- on experiences in industry settings. Students receive a solid background, skills, and experience in their chosen program. Applications for all programs (Year 1 & Year 2) are available from school counselors. Students must have credits indicating they are of junior or senior status when starting any program except NJROTC, which is for 9-12th graders.


Core values are those things that a group considers to be fundamental to its existence.  They are the basic principles on which an organization runs.  From these core values derive the mission and goals that set the direction of the organization.

Members of the Career and Technical Education Consortium (CareerTEC) believe in the following core values:

  • Mutually beneficial partnerships between schools, between business and education and between parents, communities and schools will allow us to share resources and accomplish more than we can accomplish alone.
  • All students need career development opportunities that are meaningfully sequenced throughout their educational years K-12.
  • Career preparation must focus on preparing students for careers of the future through innovative, creative programs.
  • (we may be able to marry the two consortiums on the same “about us” link. )


Arising out of these core values we affirm the following statement of mission and purpose for CareerTEC:

Partnering to prepare students for tomorrow’s careers.

More information at www.careertec-il.org

CareerTEC address/info:

Kathy Drake


Community Outreach Coordinator

2037 W. Galena Avenue

Freeport, IL 61032