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MISSION: CEANCI’s mission is to prepare and invest in all students for career and college through partnerships that build innovative regional opportunities.


CEANCI is committed to four beliefs:

1)      Providing equitable access to relevant programming for all students.

2)      Balancing district and CEANCI priorities that align to current and projected regional needs.

3)      Practicing fiscal responsibility in order to maximize efficient distribution of resources.

4)      Developing and sustaining respectful relationships within the partnerships among all stakeholder groups.


The objectives for CEANCI are stated in five goals that form the structure of the strategic plan passed by the Board of Governors on July 23, 2013.

1)      GOAL 1:  The CEANCI will assess distribution of programs and develop a CEANCI Regional Site Plan that meets the needs of member districts.

2)      GOAL 2:  The CEANCI will establish curriculum that aligns to current industry needs and prepares students for college and careers.

3)      GOAL 3:  The CEANCI will develop partnerships that engage all stakeholders including member districts, employers, higher education and communities.

4)      GOAL 4:  The CEANCI will develop a funding plan that will address current and future programming needs and will aggressively pursue new funding sources.

5)      GOAL 5:  The CEANCI will communicate and promote program options, benefits, and rewards to students, families, educators, employers and community.


In July of 2013, the CEANCI Board of Governors unanimously passed a strategic plan which will provide the direction for the organization over the course of the next five years.  The document is a compilation of input from community members, business owners, government officials, post-secondary administration, high school teachers and principals, community organizations, and the superintendents of the member districts of CEANCI.   This strategic plan is intended to support the CEANCI’s continued efforts toward the Vision that

All CEANCI students will have access to high quality programming that leads to industry certifications or post-secondary opportunities.

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